COVID-19 is affecting all of our couples’ wedding plans, and though I still can hardly believe this is happening (it feels surreal!) I feel now even more connected and dedicated to my couples as we grow through this time together.

More than ever I want to help them get through this tough and stressful situation in the best possible way and make it a less painful experience!

So I will share with all of you the 6 things you should definitely do if your wedding has been postponed due to the corona virus crisis !

© Mailys Fortune

Contact your vendors

Make sure to contact ALL the vendors who have been involved so far into your wedding. Not only the ones you have booked and secured, but also the ones who were still expecting to hear back from you.

Start with your wedding planner if you have one or your wedding venue, and inquire about their available wedding dates and their rescheduling policies. Ask several options, then check with the rest of the vendors what their schedule for 2021 weddings look like before taking any firm decisions. (Doodle is your new BFF !)

All these vendors have done their best so far to make your dream wedding come true, they deserve the best from you in choosing a wedding date that’s also a good option for them.

© Bruid Beeld

Give notice to your friends and family

Once you’ve set and confirm a new wedding date with your wedding planner, your venue and all of your vendors, the first thing you should do is give notice to your guests!

They might have hotel bookings and air tickets to cancel or modify, as well as holidays to reschedule with their bosses.

To let them know about your rescheduled wedding date you can send them a creative and cute "Change the Date" by email or get one printed with the help of your stationer.

Review your guest list

Postponing your wedding is a very good opportunity to re-evaluate what you truly want with your wedding. Now is the time to review your plans and adjust accordingly !

With all the uncertainty that this corona crisis has brought to us, I can not but strongly advise you to go for a more intimate wedding.

We don’t know what the future holds and if/when it will be possible to host big gatherings.

Don’t hesitate to scale your wedding guest list down to your very closest and dearest, to the people who mean the most to you !

I assure you this will only add more emotion and meaning to your special day !

© Jacqui Cole

Celebrate on your original wedding date anyway

Well..it’s OK to feel sad that you’re not getting to enjoy your big day when you had envisioned it, but not being able to reunite with your loved ones on your original wedding date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mark your original date and make sure it’s still a special, memorable time for both of you.