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COVID-19 is affecting all of our couples’ wedding plans, and though I still can hardly believe this is happening (it feels surreal!) I feel now even more connected and dedicated to my couples as we grow through this time together. More than ever I want to help them get through this tough and stressful situation in the best possible way and make it a less painful experience! So I will share with all of you the 6 things you should definitely do if your wedding has been postponed due to the corona virus crisis ! © Mailys Fortune Contact your vendors Make sure to contact ALL the vendors who have been involved so far into your wedding. Not only the ones you have booked and secured, but also the ones who were still expecting to hear back from you. Start with your wedding planner if you have one or your wedding venue, and inquire about their available wedding dates and their rescheduling policies. Ask several options, then check with the rest of the vendors what their schedule for 2021 weddings look like before taking any firm decisions. (Doodle is your new BFF !) All these vendors have done their best so far to make your dream wedding come true, they deserve the best from you in choosing a wedding date that’s also a good option for them. © Bruid Beeld Give notice to your friends and family Once you’ve set and confirm a new wedding date with your wedding planner, your venue and all of your vendors, the first thing you should do is give notice to your guests! They might have hotel bookings and air tickets to cancel or modify, as well as holidays to reschedule with their bosses. To let them know about your rescheduled wedding date you can send them a creative and cute "Change the Date" by email or get one printed with the help of your stationer. Review your guest list Postponing your wedding is a very good opportunity to re-evaluate what you truly want with your wedding. Now is the time to review your plans and adjust accordingly ! With all the uncertainty that this corona crisis has brought to us, I can not but strongly advise you to go for a more intimate wedding. We don’t know what the future holds and if/when it will be possible to host big gatherings. Don’t hesitate to scale your wedding guest list down to your very closest and dearest, to the people who mean the most to you ! I assure you this will only add more emotion and meaning to your special day ! © Jacqui Cole Celebrate on your original wedding date anyway’s OK to feel sad that you’re not getting to enjoy your big day when you had envisioned it, but not being able to reunite with your loved ones on your original wedding date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mark your original date and make sure it’s still a special, memorable time for both of you. It’s a great way to get excited about the new date in the future ! Dress up, pop open some bubbles, share the love by inviting all your friends and family for a big Zoom call, get your party attendees to share their favorite stories of you as a couple…you could even rehearse your vows or write creative and funny « best quarantine partner » vows. © Mailys Fortune Start writing your vows Speaking about vows… Now that you have more time ahead before your wedding day, you no longer have any excuses to not be super 200% ready for that big milestone of yours ! Please don’t procrastinate ! Well…do only if this quarantine time with your partner doesn’t feel like the best time of your relationship and you’ve reached a level where drinking two bottles of wine per day to forget about this tough time is your new normal! ^^ But, on the other side, if you feel even more connected with your fiancé, NOW is the perfectly right time to write your vows, making them even more meaningful and emotional than they would have been. Be the best version of you Look to the positives ! Don’t feel guilty if you feel down about it all. This was probably something you have been planning for months, maybe years, and it’s not going to happen – at least, not right now. But look ahead to the time when it will happen. The most important thing not to lose focus on is that you will get married eventually and that LOVE IS NOT CANCEL ! Use this time ahead to feel like the best version of you! Take good care of your skin and hair, start a super beauty regimen, practice your first dance, break those bridal heels, meditate or try relaxing apps to be all chill and relax on your big day, practice walking and seating in your dress… Make a list of all the things you could do to have the best experience on your wedding day, make a plan and stick to it ! © Alyna I know that rescheduling your wedding hasn’t been an easy decision to take and that you can’t wait to celebrate your big day. But I also know for sure this will be a joyful day when we can finally come together in person to celebrate life and love! I can’t wait either !! With love. Xx Magali.


Today, I’m highlighting for you 5 main reasons why you should consider getting married in France. If you are still in the process of choosing a location for your destination wedding in Europe…read this first ! © Julien Bonjour So many diverse locations and breath taking landscapes France is a big country made of many regions, each with its own style and charm, offering very different sceneries to suit all tastes: from bucolic countryside to beautiful beaches or towering mountains, quirky villages to picturesque market towns or big cities, lushly verdant hills, vineyards or lavender fields, a multitude of diverse landscapes and backdrops for a picture perfect wedding. In such a beautiful country, these breath-taking landscapes will create unforgettable wedding memories for you and your guests. If you need some insights to help you find your ideal location in France, see here. © Maïlys Fortune Countless wedding venues for every style Rich of culture and history, France offers an impressive amount of fantastic wedding venues ; from fairy-tale chateaux to private country houses or heritage monuments, even entire villages. The sheer number of ridiculously scenic stone châteaux or manor houses in France means that ideal wedding venues present themselves in just about any town in any region of the country. Picturesque chapels and village churches are everywhere in France, too – so you can say your vows in a wonderfully ancient building whether or not you’ve opted for a religious ceremony. Furthermore, luxury villas, large resorts and boutique hotels are in the French portfolio along with dramatic woodlands, parks and gardens for outdoor events. Thus, whether you are looking for a big affair, a more intimate celebration or an elopement, there will be the right venue for you. © Jacqui Cole Culinary excellence and unrivaled drink varieties As the (self-proclaimed^^) world capital of gastronomy, France is famous for its food and wines, which are both important aspects of French life. Fine dining, or more rustic style, extensive choices of wines of all types and spirits. Whether you select a five-course menu with foie-gras, cheese and the famous croquembouche (traditional French wedding cake), or a more local and seasonal feast, you are assured to please your guest’s taste buds. The quality of food here is so high that you won’t even necessarily have to fork out on an expensive caterer. Also, chances are your wedding celebrations will involve a fair bit of French wine, and – I’ll let you in on a secret – the French often keep the best vintages for themselves. So you will have easy access to the very best wines, at the very best prices. Champagne is one of your big day’s most important investments. Outdoor weddings with sunshine almost assuré in the South of France The weather in France is as varied as the regions and from North to South, West to East, you will experience variation of high and low temperatures and the proportion of sunny versus rainy days will differ greatly. However, generally, all regions of France enjoy warm and sunny summer months. In the Southern regions of course these days will start earlier in the year and will end later, extending the potential wedding season from Spring to Autumn. Thus, one of the biggest perks of getting married in France is the scope for an outdoor wedding. Ceremony, cocktail party, dinner and even dancing can be organised outside. Not all year round of course, but if this is your most cherish desire, there will always be a place or a solution to make it come true. © Jacqui Cole Unforgettable guest experience France is a fantastic place to welcome your guests! It is a favorite holiday destination, so being invited to a wedding in France is likely to enchant them. Most will jump at the chance to extend their stay beyond the wedding itself. The country also offers so many different ideas to entertain your guests in pre or post wedding activities, i.e. cultural visits, wine tasting, river cruise, markets to name but a few. Remember : a destination wedding is not just a wedding, it’s an experience ! And with the help of a wedding planner wowing your guests will be as easy as booking flight tickets. Added bonus : delicious edible wedding-favors your guests will thank you for. More on that in a future article! ~ If we’ve convinced you that France is the perfect destination for your special day, don’t be afraid at the thought of planning in a wedding in a country with a foreign language ! English-speaking vendors can be found quite easily. If not, we are here to be your interpret. By hiring our services as English speaking wedding planners, you will no longer have language barrier problems. Inquire about our packages here. We can’t wait to hear about your dream wedding in France !

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